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While garage doors seem like pretty simple contraptions, anything can seem simple if you don’t know anything about it. This is true for most pieces of construction or daily technologies that we take for granted. While you might not know how your TV works, you know when it’s not working—and you know you want it to be fixed as soon as possible.

At C&C Garage Door & Opener, we take care of the specifics for you. If your garage door won’t respond to your opener, or it’s stuck for no apparent reason, or it only opens partway or way too quickly or any other problem you might have, we can figure out what’s causing the issue and pinpoint the resolution. No matter whether you need to repair, replace, or install an entirely new garage door, we can help you out.

Repairing Your Garage Door

There are a million reasons why you might be having garage door issues. Maybe you have a faulty wiring job in your garage door’s motor, or a new family of mice has ensured you have a faulty wiring job through gnawing. If you have a cable broken on your garage door, rust that’s causing the gears to get stuck, or the springs are loose or broken, our technicians will be able to identify the problem and nip it in the bud.

When repairing your garage door, rest assured that we won’t do anything without your knowledge and express consent. We’ll try and walk you through each and every step of the repair process, and before we do anything we’ll let you know what the price range will be. Trust us, we know there’s nothing worse than diving into a repair job without knowing how expensive it might be. We keep things transparent so that you’re sure you’re getting the best repair job possible with your budget.

Installing a New Garage Door

If you’ve ever ordered a new garage door for your Alpharetta home, you’ll find out that installing a garage door can be a highly technical process that requires in-depth knowledge to experience to carry out quickly and correctly. You don’t want someone inexperienced undertaking a task like this, even though you might assume it’s simple.

Installing a new door means a lot more than connecting the panels and running it along a track. Not only did we just make those steps sound pretty simple, but you also need to know how to remotely connect the opener with the opener, ensure there’s no channel interference, ensure that each part is installed and connected properly and that the wiring is secure and resistant to temperature, humidity, and more. In other words, you should invest in a professional installation experience, as anything less might result in you hating every interaction you have with your garage door, which is supposed to be a convenience to begin with.

Again, we’ll always walk you through each step of our work to ensure you know what’s going on. We won’t leave you in the dark, and we won’t leave you without a door. If you’re in or near Alpharetta Georgia and need garage door repair, replacement, or installation, then contact us at C & C Garage Door & Opener.

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