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Mobile Garage Door Repair Service

Serving Gwinnett County, GA, Jefferson, GA, Lawrenceville, GA, Buford, GA, and Duluth, GA, and the surrounding region.

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Garage Door Repair In Jefferson, GA

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Our technicians can repair loose or off-track doors and get them rolling smoothly again.

When your garage door is getting old, or when it’s showing visible damage, it’s time to start thinking about garage door repair. Garage doors can take damage from storms or from accidents, as well as from ordinary wear and tear. If you’ve noticed your garage door has visible marring or dents, if the mechanism is running slow or seems to be sticky, or if you’re having a hard time opening it, it may be time to schedule a repair. There’s a lot you can do to keep your garage door in shape, from minor repairs to a major overhaul. It isn’t always necessary to replace your old garage door with a new installation, and a professional garage door repair can be a very cost-effective alternative.

Does Your Garage Door Need Repair?

When your garage door has obvious damage, it’s easy to see that it needs repair, but even a garage door that looks okay could need service. If your garage door is off its tracks, or if it gets stuck because it’s warped at the edges, a relatively simple repair could get it back up and running again. A door that looks okay but won’t unlock may need you to replace keypads or other electronics. Even if your door is working perfectly well, you might want to schedule a visit to get the hardware inspected and perform regular maintenance and servicing to make sure it stays in good shape.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Garage Door?

When your garage door has a lot of damage, or if it’s broken down entirely, you might think the only way to deal with the problem is with a total garage door replacement. It might not be that bad, however. Plenty of garage door issues can be fixed with a brief repair call. If your door is completely stuck, it might go back to working with just a small adjustment or some lubricating oil on the chain. If it’s making weird noises, we will troubleshoot the issue and fix make sure it’s running smoothly and quietly again. If there’s a visible crack in the wood or a dent in the metal, much of the time it can be fixed without even having to take the door off of its mounts.

Not all garage door issues can be fixed with a repair, of course. If your door is totally smashed by a storm or a car crash, or if the motor has been smoking or overheating, it might be best to completely replace the unit. While sometimes it’s obvious what needs to be done, it’s always best to get an inspection and advice from an experienced professional about whether you need residential garage repair or replacement done.

What Kind of Garage Door Repairs are Possible?

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We can also repair your garage door openers so they run smoothly and quietly.

Your garage door repairman can do a lot to keep your door working well. Most parts of a residential garage door system can be replaced without having to do a wholesale reinstallation. C&C Garage Door & Opener has a 24-hour garage door repair team that can help you with:

  • Garage door opener repair
  • Door balance tests
  • Broken chain repair
  • Broken spring repair
  • Garage door panel repair or replacement
  • Garage door cable repair or replacement
  • Torsion springs repair and extension springs repair
  • Garage door motor repair

Your C&C garage door repairman can also help you replace garage door openers and perform needed adjustments and upgrades.

Insured & Local Garage Door Repair in Jefferson, GA

C&C Garage Door & Opener has teams all over the Jefferson, GA, area to help you with a garage door that needs repairs. We offer same-day service, free inspections, and a written price estimate to eliminate the guesswork about what the bill will be. You can call and ask about our highly rated garage door repair service at (706) 870-1576, or reach out to book an appointment online.


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