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C&C Is Your Local & Experienced Garage Door Company

On a daily basis, garage doors are expected to function smoothly without a hitch. However, many times the constant usage over the years results in the wearing out of garage doors or possibly even breakage. When you encounter this type of situation, it is important to fix your garage door quickly and efficiently so that you may continue on with your busy day. Here at C&C Garage Doors and Openers, we are able to replace or repair damaged garage doors swiftly and efficiently within an affordable budget.

For over 25 years, our experienced contractors have been happily serving to ensure the proper installation and reparation of garage doors to suit the aesthetic and functional demands of our customers.

Types Of Garage Doors and Available Materials

garage doors on a Spanish-style house

We can repair and install garage doors on all styles of homes. Give us a call today to get a free quote for your home in Duluth.

We make sure to supply quality materials from the most trusted brands such as Doorlink, Clopay, and CHI. Through these providers, a variety of garage doors personal to your taste is available to meet your desires with the dual purpose of functionality as well.

At C&C Garage Doors and Openers, we offer a selection of materials to choose from such as:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl

Our service technicians are dedicated to fulfilling your needs by installing custom garage doors in a timely manner to ensure satisfaction. In addition to a variety of materials to choose from, we offer three types of garage doors to select from. These selections are:

  • Insulated doors mainly prove to maintain a higher temperature than colder outdoor temperatures, act as a buffer between hot environments and the indoors, ensure quieter operation while being used, and assure overall durability due to the polyurethane core.
  • Storm-ready doors are reinforced with metal bars that enable extra strength and protection to withstand harsh storms.
  • Automatic doors allow easy access and operation of your garage door. Oftentimes, keypads and openers are available to aid in this accessibility.

Emergency Garage Door Repair In Duluth, GA

Throughout the endless days of opening and closing your garage door, a complication is sure to arise eventually. Whether that be a worn-out spring or broken roller, we at C&C Garage Doors and Openers are prepared to service any difficulties you may encounter with your garage doors. We offer quick repairs on the day of the incident and provide truthful estimates detailing the overall price for the repair without any hidden fees.

C&C Garage Doors and Openers offers repairs for rollers, drums, springs, cables, bearing plates, garage door openers, and many other components as well as general maintenance. This includes tightening nuts and bolts, lubricating the chain, and checking other elements of the door. Our technicians are specialized in diagnosing issues and solving them on-site in an efficient manner to provide you with high-quality service and products. We make it a priority to serve all customers within hours of their request, guaranteeing satisfaction every time.

Garage Door Safety Tips From C&C Garage Door

When it comes to garage doors, unlikely yet possible dangers may arise. To ensure maximum safety, heed the following directions.

  • Make sure control buttons, openers, and keypads are all out of reach for younger children
  • Keep control buttons in a safe place and make it known to younger children that control buttons are not a toy
  • Read through the manual
  • Make sure you know how to operate the opener’s emergency release feature
  • Remove cables, locks, ropes, etc. that may damage your door or lock
  • Teach household occupants the proper usage of the garage door
  • Make sure your door is in balance
  • Inspect your garage door monthly

Garage Door Installation in Duluth

If you’ve ever had to deal with a faulty garage door or opener, you know how frustrating it can be to be denied access. That’s why C&C Garage Doors and Openers is here, to provide quality solutions to fix any potential problem. We can handle all garage door repair, maintenance and installation need you may have. Our team can maintain or repair the various components of your garage doors system, too, including:

  • Rollers
  • Keypad
  • Hinges
  • Drive belts
  • Drums
  • Garage door springs
  • Cables
  • Bearing plates
  • Automatic garage door openers

We can install or replace these garage door elements, and a whole lot more. Call us today at 706-974-4063 to schedule your garage door opener maintenance in Jefferson, GA with C&C Garage Doors Company.

Get A Professional Opinion, Friendly Service, and An Action Plan

If it’s been a while since your garage doors have been given a little love, let the garage door pros at C&C help keep things running smoothly. Ask us about our garage door maintenance options.

For more than 25 years, we’ve been helping homeowners just like you get the right garage door for your style and budget. Let us show you how good we are!

Think of how often your garage doors go up and down. Over time, things can wear out. If your garage door is out of commission and you don’t know what a torsion spring does, you need to call C&C Garage Doors and Openers. Our service technicians are highly trained, and can quickly identify issues with your door’s springs. Over time, they can simply wear out, rust, break or become damaged, jeopardizing the entire operation of your home’s garage door.

Have us look and recommend the appropriate garage repair or garage replacement solution to get your garage working again! C&C Garage Door Service will give you quality work at affordable prices, and supply all equipment for your repair or garage door replacement. Call C&C Garage Doors and Openers for help today.

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